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Speciality CNC Machining Services

5-Axis Achieves Tight Tolerances

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Request a Quote! 

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Large and Complex CNC Projects Require the right equipment and experienced craftsmen  

Is Your Current Supplier Meeting Your Expectations? 

cnc custom lifters


WE Love Specialty Projects


Can your current supplier meet demanding tolerances without compromising your design or exceeding your budget?

We don't shy away from challenging projects.


Mold Core Plate 4x3 Dec 2019


Experience Matters 


Our craftsmen have managed every kind of project, and our shop is very well equipped to handle just about anything.

You can be confident your projects will be completed right the first time. 

Our Fermat Workhorse


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Cutting Electrodes for EDM


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We Know Down Time Impacts Your Bottom Line

We use Shoptech's Enterprise Resources Planning software to schedule and track every step of every project. Unlike some mold makers, we'll decline new projects unless we're confident in our ability to meet the customer's timeline. 


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