Handling large envelope projects 


Precise Tooling Solutions has a reputation for delivering high-quality tooling to the most demanding industries.  Our investment in 5-axis technology has dramatically reduced setup and machining times, while improving the quality and consistency of the tooling we build.  

FERMAT’s industrious engineers created an impressive machine, and they tell us our FERMAT boring mill is one of the largest in this region.   Ours is a table-type horizontal boring mill with incredible versatility.  It's features include a powerful headstock, a spindle diameter of 130 mm, spindle travel of 730 mm, and an extremely precise CNC rotary table that holds 20 metric tons. It easily machines workpieces 5 meters wide and 3.5 meters tall.  

Other tech specs:

  • Huge 156 x 78 inch travel size expands our machining envelope dramatically, allowing our craftsmen to machined your largest projects
  • Complex shapes can be machined in a single setup, saving time and reducing your cost
  • Shorter cutting tools are used, enabling higher cutting speed and reduced tool vibration to deliver finished parts faster
  • Drilling a series of holes with different compound angles can be completed much more quickly, reducing your cost
  • Highly complex parts can be machined from a solid block, reducing lead time for parts that would otherwise need to be cast

Customers receive real benefits from our investment. Our fleet of 5-axis machines provide tighter tolerances, greater overall precision and shorter lead times.   






Large Envelope multi-axis machining means we deliver a lower price on Your latest requirements


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