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PREVENT Coronavirus Transmission

PREVENT Coronavirus Transmission

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Prevent Transmission of Pathogens Like Coronavirus

 Teach Safely With ViralBarrier


Health safety is at the forefront as we prepare to reopen schools in a few weeks. That's why we introduced ViralBarrier, an effective and affordable mobile barrier which prevents transmission of coronavirus.

Experienced local educators provided design input, and our award-winning craftsmen build these protective shields in Columbus, Indiana. ViralBarrier is adaptable to the classroom, cafeteria, library, gym, learning labs, administrative areas.....wherever on campus you need safe social distancing. This unique mobile barrier is also affordable and qualifies under the CARES Act as protective equipment.


office reception counter


Use It Anywhere You Need It    

Multiple Benefits For All Ages


  • Fully mobile; easy to move with one hand
  • Shatterproof polycarbonate is clear as glass
  • Easy to sanitize with non-abrasive disinfectants
  • Virus protection whether standing, sitting in a chair or sitting on the floor
  • Prevents virus transmission for kindergarteners and adults alike

Our talented team stands ready to help you and your colleagues safely reopen schools & universities across Indiana.  We'll even paint ViralBarrier with your school colors so it looks natural everywhere on your campus.




Industrial Strength

A durable solution for social distancing


  • Stabilizing steel trusses provide structural integrity
  • Aluminum frame for strength while minimizing weight
  • Available in vertical or horizontal orientation
  • Hooded casters with foot brakes for easy repositioning
  • Optional mid-level shelf and your choice of hundreds of colors

ViralBarrier is  designed for durability. Typical production time is 18-20 days; custom orders may require a bit more time. A Purchase Order is required to initiate production.

See How Coronavirus Is Spread



See How ViralBarrier Is Built   

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Tech Specs




Where Do You Need To Create Social Distancing?


Classroom  Administrative Area Cafeteria Learning Labs  Library Gymnasium


ViralBarrier is Mobile, Allowing You To Use It Anywhere

Screen Shot 2019-11-14 at 6.31.03 PM

Vertical Orientation

VB logo image onl


Horizontal Orientation

Viral Barrier Horizontal


Reception Area

office reception counter

In The Classroom


Between WorkStations

shop floor between workstations


Office Workspace

office behind workstation


Serving the automotive, consumer goods, education, aerospace, medical device & defense industries



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