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For a secure link to our onedrive account, please contact Jacob Jeffries  at 812.378.0247 EXT 114 ir djeffries@precisetooling.com


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Please convey my upmost appreciation to the Precise team in producing a very good Thermoset tool.  This is yet another example of Precise's dedication and superior craftsmanship in producing great tools.

Don Weidner - North American Lighting

I wanted to send a note to say thank you for the fast and quality service we've been getting from your team.  Brian Rose has done a great job solving issues and making suggestions to solve bigger issues when time allows.  We have sent a few to him and the team to work on and are very pleased with what we are getting back, thanks you!

Jon Goodpasture - Global Plastics

thanks again for the quick turnaround on the plate repairs.  Everything looks really good!  In Business, mistakes are made every day.  What set companies apart is how well they respond to, and overcome the mistakes!  Precise did a stellar job of correcting the problem and assisting in keeping this project on track.  Your efforts are greatly appreciated!

Wes Rowlett - Kaizen Engineering / Aisin USA Manufacturing

Everyone at Precise I dealt with showed ownership of the tool and that was refreshing.  I am very relieved that they are building our Ext 2 tool and have confidence this will be a great mass production tool.

Paul (Rick) Pumphrey -- North American Lighting

The mold looks very good. The workmanship and finish is good.

Tony Dungan -- D1 Mold and Tool