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Homepage%20Injection%20Tooling%20Candidate%20AToday's injection tooling requires incredibly tight tolerances. Can your tooling supplier meet these demanding tolerances without compromising your design or exceeding your budget? Are they available 24/7 to handle time-sensitive repairs?


Our Roeders 5-Axis milling machine provides accuracy within 5 microns. That’s an optic-quality finish directly from the machine! This level of precision virtually eliminates the need for EDM and manual polishing. We’ve paired PowerMill's new CAM software with our Roeders high speed machine, too. This technology combination enables our craftsmen to deliver the complex design features you need at your targeted price.

Our craftsmen build dozens and repair hundreds of molds every year for category-leading manufacturers in the aerospace, automotive lighting, consumer goods, medtech and defense industries. With 30+ years of experience, we aren't afraid to tackle the complex projects our competitors typically avoid.

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5-Axis Technology For Complex Geometries

The major benefit of five-axis machining is the ability to mill highly complex shapes in a single set-up

Roeders and Fermat build some of the world’s most precise machining centers. Our ongoing investment in 5-axis technology has dramatically reduced setup and machining times, while improving the quality and consistency of the tooling we build.

These incredible machines use shorter cutting tools that enable higher cutting speed and reduced tool vibration. Advanced spindles with up to 67Nm torque and 30,000 rpm allow a large variety of applications. This game-changing technology means you'll benefit from unprecedented precision and shorter lead times.  

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Thermoset Mold Base 400 x 266



One of our Tier 1 customers recently told us "hands down, you guys build the best Thermoset lighting tools we see" 

Our craftsmen use the latest high-speed mills to achieve the dimensional accuracy that is key to Thermoset molding. We deliver flash-free Thermoset tools that go straight into production. And with 20+ years of thermoset experience, our team understands when to use specialty steel, optimal placement of heaters and sensors, and appropriate coatings.

Here's a 30-second video of a craftsman programming the Roders 5-axis milling a Thermoset/BMC tool for headlight brackets. 


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